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Jimmy Choo Cecile


I love a bit of glamour in my evening bags but would never carry anything with diamonds on it (that is way too Kimora tacky for me) which is why this Jimmy Choo Cecile with smoky crystals is a perfect evening bag. Made of olive satin with crystals of varying amber shades, it’s a bit of bling without too much shine. So elegant and very chic, it will look amazing with the somber colors for Fall. I love the effort put forth by Choo lately, its bags are finally living up to the standard of its fabulous shoes. $1,995 At Jimmy Choo boutiques worldwide. 866-jchoous

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Cecile

  1. This has got the fall colours smashed all into one, but with the perfect balance. Very gorgeous.

  2. I can see what look they are going for, but it’s kind of scaring me.

  3. I love it, the colors are so subdued and gorgeous.

  4. Although, I think it’s cute, I think it is overpriced. I wouldn’t spend that much on a bag that is not more “useable”

  5. I love that the 80s are back, this is a gorgeous evening piece.

  6. The colors are good yes but I feel like the chain is too masculine and the jewels look to me like someone went overboard with a bedazzler. Maybe it would look better in person though?

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