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Kara Ross Coral Lizard


Kara Ross is known for her line of jewelry but she also has really amazing exotic clutches with semi-precious stones. I love that you can accessorize your accessories with matching jewelry! How fab is that? This coral lizard clutch is not the most wearable but with the right outfit, it is absolutely divine! I am usually not into being totally matchy-matchy but in this case, the rose quartz cuff finishes off the look brilliantly and actually gives you more flexibility – you can wear white or a contrasting color for a complete look without trying to match the coral (you know, as in, don’t wear all pink with it). I love the simplicity of the clutch, it makes the beautiful coral lizard shine on its own. I know, I know, you’re all tired of us being all about exotic but this one comes with its own jewelry!! Email Kara Ross for prices.

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7 thoughts on “Kara Ross Coral Lizard”

  1. I love the coral here – just the right touch, not too orangey/peachy. The colour looks fab on the lizard and makes it so much more appealing (this coming from a person who abhors lizards). The powder pink cuff is really pretty. Love them both!


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