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Relax and Wax No-Scream Cream


Just a fair warning this is going to be a bit personal, I’ve been waxing since I was 11. What can I say? I’m Italian, and grammar school kids can be so cruel. Hair removal is my life. Since I’ve been a waxing regularly for well over a decade, I’d like to think I’m impervious to the pain at this point (especially since I’ve had pretty much anything and everything waxed).

I figured a good way to test No-Scream Cream would be to use it on half of my upper lip. For some reason I’m less squeamish about putting this stuff on my face than . . . you know, down there. It advises application 30-45 minutes prior to waxing. When I first put it on it was very thick and white and took a bit of rubbing to get it to absorb completely. After 3 minutes my lip was already numb! It felt sort of strange and tingly, but numb. Ok I waited the 30 min and then started waxing! So I waxed away, and on the side where I used the numbing cream the pain was significantly less. It didn’t completely erase the pain but substantially dulled it!

Two weeks later I was ready to test it out on my bikini line. This time I did not feel any tingling when I first applied it. After waiting the recommended 30 minutes before the waxing began, I am disappointed to say, it felt the same as usual! What a let down after the great results on my face. Having now used the No Scream Cream in two locations, I would have to conclude that this product works best in small doses. It did wonders on my lip, and I would imagine it would do the same for an eyebrow wax, but alas it did not lessen the pain for a bikini wax. I would only recommend this product for those who are super squeamish about getting their eyebrows or lips done, as I did not find it effective for a bikini wax. I guess we’ll just have to continue to suffer for the sake of beauty! Get it at Amazon.


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  1. Wow..they have this at my spa and I was planning to try it. I guess I’ll stick with my pop an advil an hour before waxing routine.

  2. I’m afraid to try waxing on anywhere on my body, except for my eyebrows! That hurts enough. Just curious if you’ve ever tried laser hair removal. It doesn’t hurt that much, but I just don’t know if it’s really permanent!

  3. If you want a less painful wax you should get a “sugar wax”. Its this indian technique – and the sugar sticks to the hair not to the skin so it hurts MUCH less.

  4. Jeni: Are you kidding? Laser hurts like a bitch! It feels like the hairs are getting pulled out by a crochet needle.

    It is permanent, but you have to have a lot of sessions – and not 2 or 3, like some people claim, but more like 7.

    I tried a numbing cream before I got laser and you’re right – it worked great on my lip and didn’t do much of anything on my bikini.

  5. I’ve been waxing for years and have to say the one thing that’s always worked for me is a glass of wine and an Tylenol about 30 mins before my appointment. Not the healthiest way to avoid pain I’m sure, but it works! 🙂