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Prada Vernice Sfumata Clutch


I know this is going to be a total shocker but I am going to say something nice about Prada. Honestly, I don’t even go look at Prada much anymore because I know I am going to hate everything but for some probably nostalgic reason I decided to browse. Prada has decided to run with the big clutch trend and they actually have a couple that are really great. This Vernice patent clutch has a gradient that goes from the dark gray in the front to a gradually diffused light gray in the back (similar to many of their current bags, but doesn’t have the gradient all over so avoids looking tie-dyed). It also has 3 of the key trends for Fall; patent, gray and big clutch. Instead of trying to get all the looks in with different pieces, you get to be dignified in having all of it in one neat package. This isn’t a totally giant clutch but it is big, 12.5″ x 5.5″ x 1″ deep, the only downside is that it is totally flat so if you put a bulky wallet in there it will bulge. But the price is good, at $850 you can afford to get another bigger clutch if you love the trend. Available at Saks.



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  1. Finally, a Prada bag of current season that has the Bagsnob seal of approval! As for me, I am obsessed with Prada. I know they haven’t been doing Bagsnob-worthy pieces as of late, but I remain hopeful…I’m patiently waiting. It’s not like Gucci that is beyond rescue, unless they change designers.

  2. I think this clutch is adorable..I have seen it in person–its lovely..Bravo Prada!!!! (Because the rest of the fall line is a little suspect 😉

  3. I am a huge fan of Prada ! Huge .

    I do love this clutch .. 🙂 I also love the faded leathers they have for fall.

    And I agree with the “Gucci” comment. Gucci is lost , so lost . LOLOL

    Maybe they will change designers.

  4. Oh ladies, ladies, I find it interesting that you are slamming Gucci and you don’t even know the name of their designer…it’s Frida Gianinni and she is doing AMAZING work for the Gucci men’s line – the clothes, anyway (women’s line and handbags I don’t know about). It’s all about plaid. I have already picked up four pairs of pants, two pairs of the two tone loafers and am waiting for a 12 ply plum turtleneck to come in. Her line for spring 2008 is even better.

  5. Thank you for featuring this bag, Bagsnob. RGM, I also love Prada. My all time favorite season was that Spring 2004 season with the Rome and Venice prints. I’m still collecting that. fashionscientist, I would actuall wear some of those kook fuzzy Prada coats this year. But in green, not orange! Taysha, I agree with you, too.