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Quick fix for humidity

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle

It’s been gross in Boston lately. Hot beyond compare and the humidity has been disgusting! I tried to go for a run the other day and I felt like I was drowning on the air. My usually cooperative hair has decided to go AWOL and replace itself with hair that frizzes up and generally does not cooperate with anything I’d like it to do. I was at the park the other day with my dog and was horrified to see what my hair looked like when I got back! It was frizzy and poofy and all sorts of bad. I immediately ran out to look for something to tame my mess. I ended up buying Jonathan Product Humidity Lock-Out Shine Spray and so far I love it! It contains minerals and antioxidants that lock out humidity and help to protect your hair. It also creates a slight shine that makes your hair look fresh and clean as opposed to frizzy and heat-ruined. I’ve been using it about twice a day and it has totally helped in this gross, gross heat. The more I try Jonathan Product, the more I absolutely love all of the line! $32 at Sephora. Jonathan Product Humidity Lock-Out Shine Spray



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