Cheap thrill of the week: Kooba Bags!


Left: Kooba Pewter clutch $375 Right: Kooba Jackie ruched bag $645

Kooba Jackie Shoulder Bag in crackled laminated leather is full of interesting details; the ruching is tailored in by the double straps so it doesn’t look a floppy messy plus it has oversized magnetic flaps in the front and the back of the bag, how convenient is that? The side pockets also have magnetic flaps for easy access to cell and valet tickets, even better right? You’ll also love the price, $645, now I know to some of you this is not chump change but you have to admit it is easier to digest than the $2,000 price tag of the bags we usually review.

Another thrill from Kooba is the clutch in pewter distressed leather; it is oversized so you can use it during the day but made of metallic grained leather which makes it appropriate for a glittery night out, the wrist strap has become a staple in oversized clutches and this one can also be tucked in. The best part is the $375 price tag. At eLuxury.

Now what will you do with all the money you saved? You must splurge on the awesome and beyond amazing Burberry Prorsum Silk taffeta trench coat which will look gorgeous with either Kooba bag. Made of olive silk taffeta, this is the piece of the season from the House of Burberry. Fashion stylists and editors are scrambling to get this in the pages of magazines and on the backs of celebs. Lucky for you NAP still has a few sizes left. Grab it quickly before it sells out! Kelly said silk taffeta is not useful but I say who cares about useful when you look this fabulous! Another stand out coat is this mink wool and cashmere beauty , I can’t wait for winter!

13 thoughts on “Cheap thrill of the week: Kooba Bags!

  1. Anonymous on said:

    The pewter Kooba is only available at Neiman Marcus for the 100th anniversary –

    If you click on the image, it links to neiman marcus. But with eLuxury you avoid paying tax. And the PEWTER clutch is available at eLuxury as well as Neiman Marcus

  2. fashion neophyte on said:

    I like the ruched one. Kind of covers all of the trends for fall at a reasonable price.

  3. The only thing thast bothers me with Kooba and Botkier is that at first there bags were $400 and up made in Italy or Usa…now they are $650 and up and made in China. I’m gonna pass.

  4. I love you snobs but it’s ridiculous you tell me how to save with a decently priced Kooba bag then make me spend even more on a coat!! But if I will look as fabulous as you say I guess its all worth it ;D

  5. theresa huang on said:

    Dear Bag Snob,

    what do you think of YSL Catwalk bag?



  6. Julia, Singapore on said:

    I am keen on the Catwalk by YSL too. Can’t wait for the bagsnobs to review it.

  7. oh my goodness, that mink and cashmere trench is to DIE……. the kooba clutch is very nice, too :)

  8. Catherine on said:

    Oooh, love that Jackie ruched bag! It is to die for!

  9. The mink wool cashmere trench is beautiful! The silk taffeta trench is nice too but I agree with Kelly, the fabric isn’t practical. I do love the cut and style though.

  10. the coats are to die! the Jackie ruched bag is really hot! i am so happy the bag snob approves of Kooba!

  11. absolutely love the Kooba bag! And what a steal!

  12. Those bags are made in china.. are you serious? I don’t even know how you can wear such a cheaply made and extremely over priced bag with that coat. I could get a Burberry or Tods bag made in Italy for that price, on sale at the store. Dumb.

  13. I have one coat like that.

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