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Post by Beauty Snob Michelle

I tend to get really aggravated in the summer when I’m wearing long pants with open back heels. I always end up walking on the bottoms of my pants instead of my shoes and then everything gets bunched up and then I trip because I’m kind of a klutz. Someone went and invented these awesome things called Stiffs that stick to the inside of your pants on the hemline and keep them straight so they don’t get all bunched up and wrinkled at the bottom. I know some of you might be wondering about the need for these. (My roommate told me I was crazy.) My pants getting all wonky at the bottoms is one of my pet peeves so I’m just thrilled that someone invented a fix for it! $10 at

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7 thoughts on “Stiffs!”

  1. You guys! This makes me so happy to hear I’m not alone in my pet peeve! I wrote this worried you all would think I was totally crazy! 🙂 xo


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