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Talika Lipocil Eyebrow Conditioner


talikabrow.jpgElke the fabulous Make up Artist (and founder of the Beauty Blog Network) has offered to do my brows while I am in New York, I am so excited as my brows have been suffering ever since my over zealous plucking days in the ’90s. In the meantime, I am prepping them with the most amazing eyebrow conditioner from Talika. I’ve used this for a month now and my eyebrows are noticeably fuller, I am also seeing lots of hairs growing back around the brows which I am resisting plucking until I can get to Elke. I love that there is a mirror so you can literally apply this anywhere, even in the back of a cab (though I doubt you’d want to do that). It’s very lightweight and does not leave residue, so you can swipe and apply your make up immediately. I use it twice daily and my eyebrows also feel really soft! $38 at Spalook, spend a bit more and you’ll qualify for free shipping! This is a MUST try for the eyebrow challenged.



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  1. I am a victim of overplucking in the ’90s as well…so sad. I’ve been using Anastasia’s stuff for the past month – got it at Sephora, and it seems to help, but i swear it could also be the placebo effect. Has anyone compared the two?? I’d love to know which is better.

  2. i have the same issue. i got a new tweezer – two to be exact — i wanted to try the slanted tweezers that look like scissors (it said it was for “better control”) and then use a very pointy edge one for any fine little touch ups.

    well the slanted scissor shaped ones took soo much out of my poor brows!

    it would have been fine any other season, but i have a naturally thicker brow and was loving that this season i wouldn’t need to go crazy with the tweezing.

    now im not touching them until they are restored. which is really hard. because EW!!

    maybe i should check out elke. where is she located in ny? how much does she charge?