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Vivienne Westwood Lapin Glouchester Bowling Bag


Vivienne Westwood’s Lapin Glouchester Bowling bag (Lapin is the fancy French word for rabbit) should be renamed the Rabbit Trapper bag because it looks like a rabbit is stuck in this hideous trap. And by the way, calling a rabbit a “lapin” doesn’t make it more glamorous, it just means they were too cheap to use mink, not that I approve of fur bags of any shape or species. Can’t you just hear the bunny now? “Help me, help me, get me out of this trap… I’d rather be made into stew than be this ugly!” $2,085 at Net-a-porter



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  1. If you’re against using fur in handbags, how is using leather, croc, or ostrich and all those other exotic animal skins any better? Not trying to attack you or anything, I’m just genuinely curious as to the merits/demerits of one versus the other. Or is it a stictly(sp?) a visual thing, as in the dead bunny on the VW bag looks fugly, but the dead ostrich on the Nuti bag looks unexpectedly cute?

    I would have to say it is a matter of taste. I do not like fur bags,hence my disapproval. I understand your point, however.

  2. Ugly because it is not done stylish. Yes, rabbit in trap. But rabbit for a bowling ball bag????? Think you can trap a “man” at the lanes with that???