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Weekend Bag Spy


The Histoire Braided leather bag is ultra hot with celebs, from Clare Danes to Angelina Jolie, it seems everyone loves Valentino! Angie is sporting the white calf leather version that really shows off the details of this delicious bag. I just adore it! For Fall, Saks has a brown patent leather version that resembles creamy chocolate fudge, it’s absolutely yummy! Get your hands on one of these classics quickly!

Valentino Histoire Patent Bag $1,795


Photo source: Saks and CU



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  1. dear bag snob,

    I happened upon the website http://www. which auctions previously owned designer handbags, and I was just wondering about the authenticity of the bags because i’m considering purchasing one of the birkin or kelly bags. I am an avid reader of your editorial and would very much appreciate your opinion.

  2. Strange-somehow I like this bag.The white one would have been ok for summer.The brown one is just there and there.All that shine is a bit daring,but I have chosen to like it too.Maybe it´s due to it´s special shade of brown.I think the size is perfect.

  3. That brown handbag looks yummy indeed. Thanks for the info Bag Snobs, I think I will head off to Saks after work! 🙂

  4. I like that style but I don’t think Angelina suits white – she’s too pale and her clothes are too dark. With her lifestýle that bag is going to mark so quickly.

  5. Nice bag, but who in their right mind mixes white anything (except christening gowns) and babies? My first thought upon seeing that picture was “Wait till the kid urps up on it!”

  6. I think Angelina Jolie looks great with this white bag. It is the perfect bag for the late summer. In fact, I am starting to think WHITE bags are must have through out the year, good for spring and summer and would look great with the dark hues of this winter fashion.

  7. I don’t know…it looked really cute in the picture but then I checked out the brown patent in person at Bergdorf’s and I don’t know what scared me more, that bag or the Chloe Elvire at Saks…what’s goin’ on out there lately???