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Zagliani Croc Tote


I am totally loving the bags by Zagliani! Yes, yes, so it is another exotic but what can I say, it is the biggest trend for Fall! I am not making a political statement here but for those animal lovers out there who feel sorry for the snakes, lizards and crocs that we so adore postmortem, I just want to know how it is different than leather? Did you know breeding cows wreaks havoc on the environment? And I am not trying to be righteous just Picture%2018.pngbecause I don’t eat beef because I do use leather (doing my part consuming the by product of you beef eaters =) Anyway, one way to respect the environment is to make sure resources used go to making the best possible products that will be cherished for generations. And that brings us back to these bags by Zagliani (thought I would never get back from my tangent). If crocs and pythons are going to be used then they better well be awesome bags, otherwise it would be more wasteful than the food at buffets! We advocate exotic skins to be used for classics that will outlive us instead of trendy throw away bags. Of course if you can get your hands and budget on a croc birkin then that would be the ultimate in good use of resources. But if your budget can’t handle a $30,000 bag then a nice, simple, elegant and beautiful croc tote like Zagliani is more than a good fall back. Why spend $9,000 (correction: it is 9990 Euro) on a croc Chloe Edith? You’ll feel stupid carrying that bag around by next season (if you don’t already) and you’ll REALLY feel stupid spending all that money on the croc version knowing that it’ll never see the light of day after the sun sets on Chloe. And look at this envelope clutch in luscious bronze metallic! It is lined in suede and has a divided interior. Again, classic, elegant and beautiful! I just love the tab closure with the lack of hardware. Perfect for handling the seasonal changes of finishes from gold to silver to anthracite to whatever is next. Croc tote is $11300 at Saks. Python Clutch is $1081 at Matches Fashion.

UPDATE: Yes, I forgot to mention this line is developed by dermatologist, Mauro Orietti-Carella, and the skins are injected with silicone, not botox, making the skins softer and the texture more even.



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  1. an interesting piece of information: did you know that zagliani bags are treated with botox and silicon to keep them soft and supple! I have one for summer and it has become my all-time favourite and am now thinking of getting another for winter!

  2. I love the python clutch. The tote is beautiful too : )

    Bagsnobs, I came a across the Paris/New York shoulder bag by Renaud Pellegrino in a velvety purple calf suede. I think it’s gorgeous but this is only one woman’s opinion. I felt I had to share my find : )

  3. Dinna, you can get zagliani bags in Hong KOng from Lane Crawford department store.

    They have a made to order for these bags now. YOu can choose the leather- croc or python. Colors, and the many different designs of the bag. I just paid and chose mine today. Will be getting it in 3 months time