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Bag Snob Daily Pop Quiz #11


Update: Congrats to Eka for not only naming the bag correctly but naming the version as well! I’m Not a Plastic Bag UK/European version!

This is a real easy one. Unless you just crawled out of a fashion void you will know exactly what this bag is. To make this a little bit harder, you must say what this bag is and what version it is.

To win a Bag Snob engraved bag hook, all you have to do is answer the question correctly and leave it in comments! The first person to get the right answer wins. You will need to include your email address for us or your entry will be disqualified (we need some way to contact you). If you do not answer our email within 3 business day, the prize will go to the person with the next correct answer. Only one entry per person and you can only win once during this month long pop quiz series. US Residents only please 🙂 Have fun!



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  1. Ooops, didn’t read until now so I forgot to mention the version. its’ the Anya Hindmarch “Not a Plastic Bag” American version.

  2. not a plastic bag but the color is not clear if it is blue then it is the us version and if it is green then it is the hong kong version but unfortunately im not eligible to win! just wanted to participate!

  3. I believe that this is the “I’m not plastic bag” by Anya Hindmarch, made of cotton and sold for a cost of 5 british pounds. The idea was for it to be a re-usable shopping bag; ie eco friendly!



  4. Hey Tina and Kelly!! This is an Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag.” This is the blue US edition.

    ps. I love love love your site!!!!

  5. It’s hard to tell from the pic whether the trim is green or brown, but I am going to go with green, which means:

    Kiera Knightley is carrying the Anya Hindmarch I’m not a Plastic Bag with green trim and lettering, which comes from the second online release in the UK.