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Bag Snob Daily Pop Quiz #4

UPDATE: This is the Valentino Histoire. Congrat, Liz for being the first to guess correctly!


Here is an easy one for today! You know the bag so I chose a picture that hides most of it. What is this bag Angelina was seen with as she’s getting on plane in Iraq during a humanitarian visit? She has been shopping because she is seen with a different bag every time! You know the drill but if you need a reminder, the complete rules are after the jump.

The rules are easy, all you have to do is answer the question correctly and leave it in comments! The first person to get the right answer wins. You will need to include your email address for us or your entry will be disqualified (we need some way to contact you). If you do not answer our email within 3 business day, the prize will go to the person with the next correct answer. US Residents only please 🙂 Have fun!



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  1. I so love this Valentino braided handle shoulder handbag Angelina has. I saw this one covered in chocolate on display in the cake shop at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong. Yummy!

  2. WTH is on her back…….?? I never knew that about Ms Jolie. Where have I been!! And where is her tushi? And about the bag..Its too blurry for me , however I would guess..umm Valentino. (purley a guess)