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Dior Shoes At Saks Fifth Avenue

Are you green with envy? You should be, Dior’s bow pleated platform is one hot shoe and in green, it’s on fire! They arrived at this week and I just ordered mine, hurry and get yours before they sell out! The fuschia, black and brown versions tempted me a while back but none were as seducing as the green python and lambskin beauty. We keep getting requests from our readers for a shoe site and though we do not have plans for a site dedicated to only shoes, we plan on launching in November which will review both ready-to-wear and and snob worthy shoes! Dior Python Bow Platform at Saks Fifth Avenue



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  1. These shoes are gorgeous! Oh my, I would kill for them!!! They are really stand out knock down attention getters aren’t they? Love them!

    Great news on the couture site, will eagerly anticipate the launch!!

  2. oh my gosh! i am one of the readers begging you to do shoes! i love these shoes, how long will i have to save for them? lol. yes, GREEN with jealousy!!!

  3. So while I personally cannot wait for the couturesnob launch…. my wallet certainly can…

    Gorgeous shoes and I can’t wait for the new site.

  4. Bag Snobs Tina and Kelly, but what of your musing earlier about a site dedicated to man bags? Or at least a portion of this site dedicated to man bags. A serious business proposition for you if you would like to discuss it – I will maintain the man bag site by taking pictures at places around Chicago and begin the blog threads with pics from my own collection and those I take in stores or grab from other websites with Paint Shop Pro. Email me personally please if you would like to discuss. Thank you.

  5. I am Green with envy! I could add those Shoes to my shoe collection. My shoes may not be designers, but I have quite a few. Love the color! Great attraction! Glad I can Take Part In Couturesnob in Nov.