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Bootie Pies


Post by Beauty Snob Michelle

I want to preface this entry by saying that I live in Boston. It gets really cold and really snowy here. That leads to some necessary evils like wearing Ugg boots. I know all the arguments against them. I’ve heard them all and made a few myself. But the fact remains that they are warm and keep my feet dry. While the girl in the cube next to me is peeling her frostbitten feet out of her wet socks, I’m kicking off my comfy Uggs and happily putting on my cute heels. Anyway, the reason for my whole rant is to tell you that I love Bootie Pies! Last winter I treated myself and went for pedicures a lot. But it’s pretty gross to stuff your foot back in a boot after your pedicure is over. Plastic bags ruin your toes and if you wear your flip flops your toes freeze! So, some super smart girls came up with this idea. They’re Ugg-like boots with toes that press down. You put them on before your polish and then you can run to your car with (mostly) warm feet and not ruin your pedicure. It’s starting to get cold here so I wore them to a pedicure last week. I got some strange looks but for the most part, people in the salon kept telling me how great they were and how much they wanted a pair. I highly recommend these fun boots! They’re probably not good for people who have to take public transportation because you will probably look a little silly with your toes hanging out on the subway in the middle of the winter! I was skeptical at first too but if you give them a chance I know you’ll love them as much as I do. They come in five fun colors and they’re $128 a pair.

What do you Beauty Snobs think? Are these booties snob worthy or not?


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