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Boots to the rescue!


We all know that one of the cardinal rules of skin care is to wash your face at night! That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this right now. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Sometimes I’m too tired to wash my face. I know, it’s really bad, but I’ll come home from a night bartending and fall into bed and the effort it takes to wash my face is far too much. I’ve taken to using Boot’s No 7 4 in 1 Quick Thinking Wipes. I actually like this product better than the Boots face wash that Target sells. They look like plain baby wipes but your face feels like it’s been washed with an amazing moisturizing face wash. The wipes cleanse, tone and moisturize all in one swipe. It’s also a good fix for a really hot day when your face is just feeling sweaty and gross. They’re in this nifty little sealed lock bag that doesn’t let the air in so the rest of the wipes don’t dry out. They shouldn’t replace your normal face washing routine, but in a pinch, they most definitely can fill in. $6.99 at Target and CVS.


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  1. Hey Veronica,

    I’ve used them to really heavy make up and it works beautifully. Those smoky eyes you paired with water proof mascara and black liner? Off in 2 swipes!

    It does wonders!