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Decleor Vitaroma Body

One of the many fears of pregnancy is stretch marks. Personally, it is a small price to pay – I’ve been lucky and have minimal damage to my skin but I’ve seen the bad and the really ugly and it is still a small price to pay to have a baby. But there is no need to fear. Tina did a story about her pregnancy belly ritual, I had my own using mainly Dr. Hauschka’s Blackthorn Oil, so maybe that is why I came away unscathed the first time. But this second time around, there are some small wrinkles on what was the underside of the behemoth belly. This Decleor Vitaroma Body cream was promoted by Oprah for getting rid of her many stretch marks caused by dieting. My mom jumped on the bandwagon wanting to get rid of her 30+ year old pregnancy stretch marks and I fully doubted its ability to undo what has become scars on an old body (sorry mom for saying you’re old but I think 70 is still considered old these days, right?). To my astonishment, these deep wrinkled stretch marks became much lighter, albeit not altogether gone. She bought me jars and jars of this stuff but I didn’t want to use them because I didn’t want to admit that I would get stretch marks. Well, hello baby #2 and hello looser skin cuz this time around voila, here they are! Thank god for moms because I had these on hand and began immediately using balefuls daily. This stuff works!! I’m not in love with the smell, it is some floral fragrance but it’s just not my thing, but who cares! Even if it smelled like rotten fish eggs I would suffer for the sake of smooth skin. I have already seen a dramatic difference and it has only been 6 weeks and by the progress I’ve seen. I waited to do this review because I needed to know if this was a fluke thing on my mom but it is in fact a miracle worker. So far I’ve bought 2 for myself and ordered 3 more to give to my friends who sadly suffer from the worse stretch marks I’ve seen. I mean, I would never suggest plastic surgery but in their cases it is almost a necessity. Now that I am convinced this product works, I will renig my suggestion of surgery to them and offer this instead. Totally worth it for $80, available at Nordstrom.



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  1. Thanks loads, Kelly for this!!

    I am still in my first trimester.. and have been thinking of what I should do to prevent stretch marks. This is my first pregnancy, and I got stretchmarks on my thighs owing to weight fluctuation… so am a bit worried about my tummy…. (gosh i am already feeling very very bloated)

    So thanks loads for this recommendation, Kelly. Shall i start to use the Decleor cream now?

    Oh one thing, like yourself, I am a huge fan of Chantecaille! I use their Biodynamic line… but have been worried about hexapeptide, as it is similar to botox… so have been shifting to 100% organic – and I am getting BAD skin!! Sniff Sniff. Just I just wonder if you have been following your normal Chantecaille skincare regime?

    Thanks loads…. getting panicky on first pregnancy ( ^ . – )



  2. How often, how much, and how long do you apply this stuff for? I have lost-weight-diet stretch marks that I’d love to banish, but my wallet is limited and while I’m sure I’d LOVE the results, I’m not sure if I can afford to keep purchasing an $80 product over and over again, y’know? So how many jars did you go through over the 6 weeks? Morning and night application? And is this a routine you keep doing for the rest of your life?

    Thanks! You might be my savior!

  3. It is best to start this during pregnancy for best results, but obviously it has done wonders post stretch marks. I applied liberally and I might be wasting, the jar is really big and if you apply twice daily it should last 3 months if you just do the belly. I have only gone through 1 jar so far in 6 weeks and have been doing my entire body but for $80 and no stretch marks, it is a worthy investment.

  4. am currently suffering from stretch marks from a sudden weight loss n have been lookin everywhere for a product to fade them. would it work on a darker skin tone?

  5. The cream is no longer available; it has been supplanted by two products- a skin smoothing oil/ primer, and either a firming cream or a stretch mark gel. I just went on a hunt for the cream today, and I made the Decleor woman call her supervisor to get an answer! I’m trying the two products now, I hope they work!