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MARC by Marc Jacobs Carryall


Here is another totally cute bag to make you happy. This practical and versatile little addition to your life will perk up anyone’s day. I love the clean lines yet it is full of wonderful features and details. There are pockets galore and the interior is ultra organized with more pockets and zips. The bag closes with a zipper to keep everything secure and in place making this is the perfect city bag for girls who use the subway (you’ll never have to search thru the bag for your subway card with that convenient front pocket!). The thick shoulder strap is so comfortable and non-slipping and we all know how important that is! Even though the bag is totally utilitarian, it is way chic and stylish on. You are definitely not trading in any style points for function. I love the indigo but of course the metallic is key for Fall. Either way, you can’t lose here. At Bergdorf Goodman for $428.



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  1. Too many bags on the market these days.I feel really exhausted by the quantity some designers like Jacobs,Kors,Hindmark,Miu-Miu,Chloe etc.,etc keep pouring to the market.New bags by these guys come so quickly that they loose their quality and personality.The Jacobs bags look nearly alike and they are ugly as are the bags shown above.I´m just curious-who buys all these bags,not to mention that there are so many non-designer bags that are look-alikes and really cheap compared to the cheapest Jacob´s,Kors,Hindmark´s,etc.,etc.