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Marc Jacobs Stone Clutch

Here is a cute little bag from Marc Jacobs that isn’t heavy loaded with chains and quilting. I love the stone mosaic detail, very Americana and gives this cute fresh young clutch a pick me up. This is a normal size clutch unlike his Quadri oversized clutch which looks like a legal secretary’s document holder. The sand/taupe combination is versatile yet gives it interest. The corners and back of the bag are pleated making it totally adorable. The stitching is of course immaculate as always on a MJ, that you can always count on. The obvious thing is to wear this with jeans but this is actually a perfect winter piece for solids of many colors to make it pop. You should always use your bag as the highlight of any outfit! $1650 at Net-a-Porter.



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  1. Wow-I´m surprised about the price of this bag! I´ts nearly the price of the YSL Uptown bag! To me this MJ is way over-priced.Actually I´d refuse to take it even if I got it free. What you Kelly said about using your handbag as the highlight of any outfit, is so very true.Clean clothes, clothes that you feel comfy in and a great bag.It is that simple!

  2. I would rather spend that kind of money on the M.J. Stam bag…its not only is it beautiful but its nice and roomy! This one here is just okay looking, nothing special to me, and it’s TINY! I wouldn’t spend that amount of money on such a teeny little bag.