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Natura Bisse Diamond Magnetic


The Healing Power of Diamonds:

Despite trying multiple luxury creams for review, Diamonds are still my best friend, as in Natura Bisse’s Diamond line of products. Latest from the line is Diamond Magnetic, a holistic approach to Magnetic and Gem Therapy through the ancient art of crystal healing and the use of magnets. Not just pretty to look at, diamonds are powerful energy cleansers renowned for their ability to transform energy and to draw hidden imbalances to surface and release them bringing balance and harmony to the body and mind. Lucky me, I got to try Diamond Magnetic firsthand at Natura Bisse’s headquarters over the summer and I have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the product ever since!

The specialist at Natura Bisse covered me in the diamond/iron dust concoction (a thick paste that promises to purify and cleanse the skin) and as I worried about how I was going to wash it all off before getting back in my very white dress she pulled out a crystal tool that looked like something out of a movie. She then started moving it across my arm and the mask LIFTED off my skin as if it was magic! What was left was sleek and velvety skin dressed in Diamond dust! There is a magnetic piece at the tip of the tool that attracts the iron in the mask which ensures a clean removal. How did I feel afterwards? Relaxed and happy, as if they lifted any stress I had with the diamond dust. I am a big believer in Holistic healing and with Diamond Magnetic I can heal and cleanse right at home!

This will be available at Neiman Marcus and Neiman in November, you must call and schedule an appointment to try it out for yourself! 214-363-8311

$270 for 10.5 ounces (it usually costs over $100 to receive a holistic energy healing session, this jar will last you at least a dozen treatments so it is well worth the price!)


Presentation: 10.5 oz

Skin Types: All Skin Types

Texture: Granular Mud

Application: Once or Twice a week or anytime you want luminous and glowing skin

Beneficial Effects:Counters the effects caused by electromagnetic pollution in the environment cell phones, TV’s, computers, microwave ovens, etc.)

Magnetic Therapy

Electro magnetic energy is essential in the functioning of the human body. Today, our world is engaged with magnetic fields everywhere you look. Magnetic fields are generated by storms, every day electrical devices, and others by Earth’s magnetism.

Scientists are now discovering both the positive and negative effects the external magnetic field has on the functioning of the body.

Although Magnetic Therapy may just now be gaining popularity it has been around for thousands of years. In proof, the earliest written medical test, The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine, published in China around 2000 BC included the use of “magnetic stones” to improve health imbalances.

The ancient Egyptians were even fascinated by the magnet’s power. Legend has it that Cleopatra rested with a magnetic stone on her head in order to recover her youth. Other groups such as Greeks and Hindus reaped the benefits of Magnetic Therapy, as well.

Diamond Magnetic has been formulated with micronized iron and has magnetic properties. After massaging this exclusive formula into the skin it is removed through the use a neodymium magnet which is ideal for treating skin conditions of all kinds.

Magnetic Therapy can be used to counter the effects caused by electromagnetic pollution in the environment (cell phones, TV, computer, microwave ovens…) by exposing our body to the negative field of the magnet, in consequence cleansing the currents we absorb due our modern lifestyles. This therapy can ultimately relieve stress and favorably affect cell function helping to restore balance to the skin.



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  1. Tina…this sounds very interesting! I have just been introduced to the glory that is Natura Bisse and I am HOOKED! I tried the Diamond gel creme…I foresee a bank account depletion in the near future!