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Pauric Sweeney Patent

I am going nutso over purple these days!! The Marni purple balloon bag is on order and now this Pauric Sweeney beauty is taunting me!! I just got a Birkin (the new turquoise in goat skin!!) and yesterday got a new wallet, a snake skin Bottega Veneta that is so lush you can die. Even a spend thrift Bag Snob has her limits and that is why this is such torture for me!! Maybe I’ll just get both and won’t buy anymore bags this year (how many times has my husband heard that one? Plus, it’s only September so how realistic is that really?). Tina will back me up on this one, I mean, I totally love the bigger silver version of this Pauric but this size and this color is so much more my speed. I love the brown leather contrast with the purple patent, the front zipper and the whip stitched handles are all details that tug at my heart. OK, I will cancel the Marni bag and get this one instead. This is more versatile with the longer straps for over the shoulder and this purple is lighter and easier to wear (I love gray sweaters for the winter, how amazing would this look with that?? Camel would also be great and that’s pretty much my winter wardrobe!!). I’ll just get both and return one if I don’t love it, NET-A-PORTER has the best return policy. I always say that but end up never returning anything. OK, I’m ranting and being totally manic about this. I am normally very decisive. $1075 at Net-a-Porter.



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  1. hmm.. i have to say i like the marni better. that is, if you are looking to be swayed either way. or just get both, so i can live vicariously through your purchases, haha.

  2. I love this bag so much, as well as the larger version. I think this shade of purple is just so eye catching, unique, yet still so easy to wear. I like it SO Much more than the Marni. I could just spend all day looking at and touching the patent leather. It’s so delicious you could almost eat it.

  3. Hi – I too would love to see the new Birkin. I am 29 this year and hope to have my first Kelly or Birkin in 5 years time. Then I hope to have many more. Love all things Bottega Veneta and YSL!