Star light Star bright: H. Stern


H Stern’s divine interpretation of the twinklers in the sky, the Stern Stars collection, is worthy of its glittery name. Fashioned in the style of star jewelry in the Victorian era, these gorgeous baubles are perfect for a special night out or just an average day that needs a little bling. One of my favorite things about moving to Dallas is the fact that no one would blink an eye if I were to decide to pile on every single piece of jewelry I own to a soccer game. It’s like playing dress up except it’s not Barbie, it’s yourself! I have never worn as much make up or jewelry in my life but I am having a ball! The ‘Star’ earrings are made of 1.72 carats of pave diamonds in 18k noble gold for $3,800 at Neiman Marcus. The wrap bracelet on right is available at H. Stern stores worldwide.

One thought on “Star light Star bright: H. Stern

  1. sandra ross on said:

    Question: I am searching for a Star collection brooch. I wonder if you can help me? Thanks.

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