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Still Obsessed with Bangles

My love affair with bangles started with a Japanese anime book I read in Junior High, the heroine was a ballerina and she had waist length hair and a stack of bangles on her arm which was just the most chic thing I could imagine wearing at that age. 20 years later, it’s still the most chic accessory to me, gold, silver, diamonds, antiques, I have quite a collection of bangles and I wear them by the stacks! Ippolita has the most unique gold bangles, hand hammered and often accented with just a few diamonds or precious stones and pearls. This six diamond bangle (upper left) will bring lots of sparkle to your collection, I suggest getting at least two of these so you can bling properly. Ippolita Six-Diamond Bangle $1,200, Ippolita 18K Gold Bubble Bangle $1,800.

Ippolita 18K Gold Two-Diamond Bangle $1,370, Ippolita 18K Gold Bangle w/Pearl $1,600, Ippolita Blue Topaz Bangle $1,800

Ippolita Diamond Bangle $6,750.

All at Saks.

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