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T3 Bespoke Labs Evolution Dryer

I saw this at Sephora and my immediate reaction was, what can a $300 blow dryer really do to make it worth that amount of money? But my curiosity was piqued so I had to give it a try. To get a better sense of what I had here, I read through the product info and there were all these technical jargon like T3’s tourmaline technology, ionic and infrared properties, ceramic components, softAireâ„¢ flow management chassis, blah blah blah. What will all that do for my hair is all I am concerned about. They claim the T3 is ultra lightweight, will dry your hair 70% faster, the ionic and infrared properties from the tourmaline (it’s an actual gemstone they use) make your hair smooth, sleek and shiny and that fizz is eliminated by the closing of the hair cuticles.

The first claim is easy, yes this dryer is very light, but heavy blow dryers was never on my list of things to gripe about. 70% faster? I don’t know about 70% faster but I have a lot of thick hair so this feature was especially important to me. It does dry my hair much much faster, probably 50% faster and that is quite a feat for my head of hair. I tried this on my 2 year old daughter and it probably did dry her fine wispy hair close to 70% faster (I actually timed all this) and that alone is worth $300 to not have to struggle with her every night with the hair dryer! The most important claim is that this will make your hair sleek, smooth, shiny and fizz free. Oh, it does all that and so much more!! Surprised? I was. So much so that I brought this around to get my family and friends to try it out. Throw away your flat iron because this makes your hair so smooth – no fly aways and completely soft ends. I believe it does close the hair cuticles, my hair actually felt softer and it styles on command with a round brush while drying, something my hair has NEVER done. I have a really good cut right now so for everyday all I have to do is dry my hair and toss it around for a look that would normally require 30 minutes of wrangling – but in about 7 minutes (to clarify, it normally takes 15 minutes to dry my hair, but it takes 30 minutes to dry and style, now it takes only 7 minutes!). My sister has major color and highlights and after 2 uses, her color became brighter and incredibly shiny. I stopped using conditioner on my daughter, she is tangle free when I dry her hair with this dryer.

Is all this worth $300? A resounding YES! My sister, mom and friends all want one and they all had the same reaction I did, which was, “There is nothing you can do to make a $300 blow dryer worth the money”. I spend quite a bit getting my hair done and I know many of you do, too. The whole idea is to have beautiful hair and this will do that. And instead of getting special conditioning treatments at the salon to undo damage, why not do your hair a favor and just stop the damage in the first place? Well, there you have it, one of the strongest testimonials ever on Beauty Snob! T3 Bespoke Labs Evolution Dryer at Sephora.



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  1. Rumor has it that there is a brush that goes with the Dryer, my friend has both and says that it makes things even better. Is that possible? And do you know anything about the brush?

  2. I was never a believer in the whole ceramic, ionic, tourmaline dryer claims until I plunked the money down for one. I got a CHI (I couldn’t justify $300 for a T3) and it has made a HUGE difference.

    I am also a long, thick haired person that dreads drying because of the time involved. I always used cheap $20-30 Conair dryers and it would take me 25-30 minutes to get my hair dry and then I’d still need a flat iron.

    With my CHI, my hair is dry in 10-15 minutes, smooth, soft and in need of little to no ironing. The time I’ve saved and the damage I’ve avoided makes it well worth the price.

  3. I have been thinking about getting one for a long time, and after I read that review I went ahead and ordered one from Sephora. Hopefully it works as well as they say!!

  4. Ok, but I have really fine hair so I am afraid that it will just make my hair finer still. Has anyone with long fine hair used it? Even though my hair is fine I still get frazzled ends and frizzies.

  5. I agree with the $300 price tag it’s a lot but thankfully I got my hair dryer at a hair show

    It definitely is worth it because with the Conair blow dryer it used to take me 30+ which was quite annoying and now it takes about 7 minutes which is amazing and I always get compliments when I use my T3 hair stylers

  6. I REALLY want this blow dryer… Yes $300 is ALOT, but my birthday is next month and this is on my wishlist, right at the top. I normally shower at night, pull my hair back and let it dry while I sleep then flat iron it in the A.M. I am a believer in the Tourmaline technology… My flat iron has that and works awesome!

  7. After reading your review I was seriously considering buying this dryer. I read a few more reviews and broke down and ordered the dryer and a set of T3 hairbrushes. This hairdryer has changed my life. I had been having the worst problems with flyaway crazy hair. I color every six weeks and I thought my hair was just damaged. I have been trying every serum and conditioning treatment that I could get my hands on. After the first day of using this hair dryer I could see a difference. Two weeks into it my hair is actually laying flat and is soft to the touch. This hairdryer is amazing and is worth every penny. Now I just need to save my money so I can get a T3 flatiron. Thank you beauty snob for your review because otherwise I would have never bought this hairdryer and I would still be walking around with crazy hair. The decreased drying time is just the icing on the top the cake.

  8. Dear Beauty snob,

    I bought the hairdryer in the US to be used in Asia, and I was wondering if the air it lets out is really that weak or if it is just the voltage difference (i used a step down transformer though which should make it work with equal performance).

    I have only used it twice and I find that the air is too weak and not hot enough. I tried it on a high setting with the highest heat (3 squigly thing) but the air is just so soft, and changed it to the highest setting with lowest heat and i find that its just not hot enough.

    What is the optimal setting on this hairdryer? Can you help me figure it out as I dont think i’m using it to its maximum potential as I feel like it dries my hair even slower than my usual cheap hairdryer.

    Thank you so much.