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Theory Olive Patent


I heard an interview with this psychologist about happiness and he said that many little good things makes you more happy than one big huge event. That means little mini vacations throughout the year rather than the one big Tahiti vacation that you save years for or waiting 10 years for the Ferrari meanwhile you are driving a Camry. That got me thinking, we always maintain that you save up for the that one major bag and stop buying non-collectible bags. Well, the last thing we want to do is keep you from true happiness!! So in the interest of making everyone happy all the time, we will have more Cheap Thrill bags. This super olive patent bag from Theory is certainly making no concessions, it is hot for Fall with the olive (which almost looks gray so it is versatile and fabulous) and of course patent is very current. The strappy details give this bag some oomph – it is a subtle design element that gives the bag a “look”. I love Theory (their pants fit like a dream!) so I am very happy to see them have bags that live up to their reputation. $650 at SHOPBOP


9 thoughts on “Theory Olive Patent

  1. that bag looks so creamy! nice…

  2. My husband will be sending you flowers any moment. Thanks for more cheap thrills!!

  3. Nicel put, you’re absolutely right. We can’t keep spending thousands like there is no tomorrow. Style above everything, we need more bags like this one.

  4. this is a great price for a fun trendy bag!

  5. wow, i love this bag! i actually ordered a different patent bag from shopbop not long ago, and i adore it even though it was even less than this one! i definitely agree with your sentiment (both about bags and about theory pants!)

  6. The bag is on 50% discount, Act now !

  7. Opps… I mean in other colour…Not the patent one…But they are as yummy …

  8. Julia, Singapore on said:

    Now we just need Theory in Singapore for those pants!!!

  9. kelly, i totally agree! it IS the small things in life that add up to lots of happiness!

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