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The best travel brush ever!

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle

Once upon a time I had a long-distance relationship. His job had him firmly planted in his town so to make things work it required me getting on a plane a lot. Over the course of many months I learned a lot about traveling (and how to put on makeup in the gross light of an airport bathroom). I also learned the hard way that your hair will not look good after a 4 hour flight if all you do is run your fingers through it. It will be flat and limp and defeated from the recycled air and the static inducing fabric on the seat covers. So I invested in a travel brush. No a crappy little five dollar CVS one, a real hairbrush that I would want to keep track of. I choose this Frederic Fekkai one. It’s a bit pricey, but I went with my sunglass theory (If I spend a little money I’ll feel invested in it and be extra careful and make sure it doesn’t break) and I haven’t regretted it once. This brush is magic, I’m convinced. A few brushes after a long flight and my hair begins to look normal again. It’s also handy to have a set of travel brushes as well as home brushes so you don’t loose them transporting them back and forth from bag to bathroom. $55 at Sephora. Frederic Fekkai Travel Brush


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