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Valentino Histoire for Z


Photo: People

The hot Valentino Histoire bag found its way into Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s closet. Her collection (one bag) turned many women, who would kill to own one of the latest “it” bags, jealous. This bag was custom made for Z. I guess that is one of the perks of being a Celeb Baby. Before you Mom Snobs start searching the internet for one for your princess, Valentino is not entering the children’s accessory business. Sorry to disappoint. Apparently, a sample had been accidentally cut in a tiny size awhile back. Valentino made it for Z, had it delivered to Angelina the next day, and voila you have a great photo op. I think it is absolutely adorable. We all know that daughters want to be just like their moms. I just can’t help but think about poor Shiloh who didn’t get one, not to mention is rarely photographed with her mom. Why does she always make a point to favor the adopted kids? Can’t wait to see the sibling rivalry this creates. Most parents started saving for college at this age, but Angelina better start saving for Shiloh’s therapy.

For you Snobby Mommies, the Valentino Histoire ($1595) at Saks.


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