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WWD: Bag Snob at Fashion Week


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9 thoughts on “WWD: Bag Snob at Fashion Week”

  1. I love what you’re doing with this site! It really has such an influence–and well-deserved. You know your bags. My mother, the original sartorialist in my life, would very much approve.

    On the biz side of things I’m superpleased about being able to feature your great blog on MOLI for FW. You go girls as they used to say–


    (bag of choice: DeviKroell plastic fake gunmetal hobo for Target; more like an antibag…)

  2. My 2Dearest bagsnobs look at you, how awesome to see you soaring upwards with your site. I ‘m really happy to see how far you’ve come and I so enjoy reading your site, your verbage is entertaining and unique. I share it with all my clients and I wish you both continued sucess. Love and laughter!!

  3. Tina and Kelly, you look fabulous as usual!

    Hey Kelly – how do you manage to be so fit a few months after giving birth to your new born?


  4. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for saying I look so fit because I actually am not =( This was taken a month after I gave birth so I still felt like a cow!!!

    Love, Kelly


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