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YSL Catwalk Crocodile


Another stunner from YSL that will appeal to snobs of all ages and tastes, the Catwalk bag in Nubuck embossed crocodile in a subtle glimmering shade of gray. Currently the object of obsession for many fashion editors, it is also one of my favorite bags of the season. The 70’s influenced flap bag is enhanced by a flat edge shoulder strap ensuring the bag stays where it belongs, on your shoulder. I am so conflicted this season, there are so many amazing bags tempting me and I want it all! Kelly and I ask each other to edit our purchases (someone has to control us as we have no self control! And no, our hubbies definitely have no control nor say over our purchases, we do what we please when it comes to bags, they know to keep quiet and stay out of the way.) and I will have to ask her to talk me out of this one as I have talked her out of the purple Marni patent she is yearning for (why do we have to control ourselves you ask? Because we have more bags than our little arms have time to carry and if we buy every bag we review, we would need to buy a warehouse to store all of it!). But those of you who don’t have the same problem and are looking for the bag of the season that will last you for many years, this is the one for you! $1,595 Yves Saint Laurent at Saks Fifth Avenue.




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  1. I had the opportunity to try this beauty on at the YSL event last week (actual shipment wouldn’t be till late Oct). It’s a stunner, indeed. Not the in-your-face kind but a total looker no doubt (love the embossed croc effect). There are 3 compartments in the bag all neatly held together by a removable chain (with gorgeous hardware) threading through. Brilliant!

  2. This is really nice,now wonder cause it is YSL-my favorite brand,as if you didn´t know by now. The color grey happens to be my favorite too. I´ll excuse this time that it is only embossed croc -real croc would raise the price to clouds. I like the fact that it is so simple in design,yet looks really soft and desirable. I only wish it would be a bit larger.

  3. well I am willing to take all the bags hat you guys don’t need, I have all the room in the world for them heheheheh hot bag YSL

  4. Now this is a bag I can’t pass up! Thanks for the tip! I have bought so many bags on your recommendation, I have not had buyer’s remorse since discovering your site!