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Zelens Cellular Reconstruction Cream


I reported on Zelens a few months ago but had not had a chance to try it firsthand even though I have been dying to. I finally got my hands on a jar of the Cellular Reconstructive Cream last week and the first thing that struck me was the beautiful packaging. Now this is how a $200+ jar of cream should be packaged; grosgrain ribbons wrapped around the jar made it feel more like a birthday gift than a beauty product! Yes, I know pretty packing does not make for a great cream but in this case, it actually does. The cream is ultra rich, almost indulgently so and it was like smoothing whipped butter on my face but it absorbed immediately, leaving no oily residue. The next morning my skin still felt incredibly soft and supple. It has a nice smell too, very fresh and clean as opposed to perfume-y. A week later and I am convinced that this is everything it claims to be. Why, you ask? Well, I had a small “accident” with an enzyme mask (from a company which will remain nameless), the concentration was too strong for my face and it left a small burn on the side of my cheek. I was completely panicked but kept applying the Cellular Reconstruction cream on it and a few days later it was as if it never happened! I am now officially a fan. As summer winds down you’ll be needing a richer cream for the harsh winter months, you should definitely try this out. At



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  1. Will this replace your natura bisse (for the time being) or do you still prefer that one? I am on the prowl for a great cream and need a good rec. Thanks!

  2. But it was my own fault! I used a 20% enzyme for the BODY that clearly said do not use on face. I have a 5% for my face and grabbed it without thinking. Clearly I will not be so reckless in the future 🙂