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Go Organic from Bath to Bed

Organic food trends started a few years ago and now more mommies want everything organic for their sweetie pies. In the age when everyone is “going green”, what does this new organic craze really mean? Now, manufacturers produce a ton of organic items from clothes to bubble bath just so your baby can get the purest. Organic cotton, similar to organic fruits and veggies, is grown without the use of insecticides or pesticides. However, the benefit is two-fold: not only does your baby have the purest fibers touching his or her skin, but the production of organic cotton causes no pollution that harms the environment. Organic bath products use ingredients grown without fertilizers or pesticides. Read about a few of Tot Snob’s favorite organic products:

California Baby


California Baby Bath Tote – $20

Not only is it organic but it is fantastic for babies with sensitive skin. The line contains no nut oils, gluten, soy, oat and dairy and no sulfates, DEA, colors, dyes, synthetic fragrances or numbing agents. So, what does it contain? The developer, a vegetarian, uses ingredients from plants and flowers. Only two animal products are used lanolin made from sheep’s wool and beeswax. Great for babies with sensitive skin or skin irritations such as eczema. Still not sold? Try the bath tote (above). I promise you will be back to buy the full-size soon. Shop the BabyCenter Earth-Friendly Boutique.

Swaddle Designs Blanket


Swaddle Designs Organics – $25

Swaddle Designs, already featured as a Tot Snob favorite for its large size and soft cotton flannel, just got better with their organic line of blankets. The blankets are just as soft and just as big, but only better because they are organic. Shop the BabyCenter Earth-Friendly Boutique.

Crib Bedding


Amenity Woods Organic Collection – $355

If you are up for the 70s earth tones, Amenity makes two retro inspired animal themed nursery bedding. The designs, Meadow and Woods, allow your little one to experience nature through organic comfort. Not only is it made from organic cotton, the company uses only vegetable dyes for color. The crib package ($355) has great canvas pieces, decorative pillows, and other accesories to complete the look. Available at Amenity.


Eyes of the World (sheet, skirt, & bumper – $536)

Cotton Monkey adds modern flair to eco-friendly style. They offer five sets of crib bedding ranging from pure, innocent White-on-White set to the brightly themed Eyes of the World collection (above). The fabric and batting are made from certified organic cotton. The color and prints are created from non-toxic, water based dyes. Available at Cotton Monkey.


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