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Balenciaga Giant Sphere


You know what this bag reminds me of? Those round quilted Chanel bags in the ’80s when they tried to kick up the classic Chanel 2.55. I remember thinking they looked frumpy, dated and totally useless even though they were brand new, which is how I feel about this bag. I do not like round bags, your things will fall to the center and you won’t be able to find your keys or anything of importance. Plus this is just not that cute, it’s not gross enough to garner an “On the Rag” tag but it is not an “It” bag either. It’s more like Balenciaga is running out of ideas to keep you interested in the Le Dix bag so I have a suggestion, how about going back to the design room and designing something new and fabulous? $1595 at Balenciaga worldwide.



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  1. Had they put a more bugati shape to it I may have like it a lot………………Oh well at least I now I have a place to store my tamboreen if I ever get one. hehe!!

  2. oh, come on now, ladies. it’s not that bad. it’s totally cute! i mean, if i were 12, i would be ALL OVER this bag. although, if i were 12, i wouldn’t have the lunch money to pay for this.

    too bad i’m not 12.