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One of the most frequent requests that I get from my friends is to help them match their makeup (because you know, green metallic eyeshadow with blue lipstick looks great in the ads and all but really does not work for girls night out). They’ve watched me take painstaking care to coordinate everything I plan to wear on a given night and feel they should follow suit. The geniuses at Face Time Cosmetics have taken the guesswork out of it for you with their amazing Beauty in a Box. It’s a collection of their makeup that all comes together to create one perfect look. They really thought of everything. One of my favorite products in the box was the Velvet Veil. It’s a primer that smoothes the skin like I’ve never felt before. One small squirt and your skin really does feel like velvet! It was incredible. My skin has rarely felt so ready for makeup. In the container is a pamphlet with an explanation of how to apply all nine of the products in the box along with an explanation of what they are. The makeup in the box is really good, quality makeup as well. I particularly loved the Camilla’s Class well-to-hue eye shadow. It’s a beautiful plum color that managed to be both bold and subtle on my very pale skin. All the pieces in the boxes are also sold separately so if you fall in love with something you don’t have to buy the whole box to get it again.

The Beauty in a Box sets come in three pre-made sets – Romantic, Stunning and Sultry. I have the Sultry and received more compliments then I could have imagined when I used it! If one of those sets isn’t your thing you can email Face Time and a makeup artist will call you and help you customize your own Beauty in a Box set. This is a really great company that seems really devoted to their makeup as well as their customer service. Check it out for yourself and visit them at


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  1. I hear that all of the NY socialites are using these boxes. I am going to have to pick one up or at least ask for one as a gift. Sounds like a great concept.