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Gerard Darel Python


We love Gerard Darel and I am so glad to see an exotic done on a casual everyday bag. How much more fabulous can it be to be able to walk around and do your daily mundane things with a super amazing exotic? Of course, there is no reason why you couldn’t go around in your croc Birkin everyday but I just love that busting out an exotic is no longer reserved for precious, special occasions where everything has to be just so. You can do the silver python (in the Hollywood style) to go with your winter wardrobe of muted colors, the silver is perfect so as to not muddle navies and black with a brown or black bag. Nothing is more perfect than natural python for colors, it will go so nicely with all the purple that’s out there! Even for something boring and black, the natural python will give your look a kick. I am sorry to report that it is still illegal to sell python in CA but if you live anywhere else, you can call Rumor Boutique at (818) 981-4762 to order yours for $2700. Of course you can still order one if you live in CA, just have it shipped to a friend in another state. Other Gerard Darel styles available at Shop Rumor.



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  1. I prefer the natural color of python in bags.The Hollywood version looks too artificial-it´s like a christmas tree.There are now so many lizard bags on the market,that is difficult to choose just the right one.I find the proportions on this Darel bag a bit disturbing. So for now,I´ll just leave it for others to buy.

  2. I bought a GD bag at Neiman Marcus last year. It was on sale, in deep red patent leather. “No one else liked this color” was the reason given by the SA for it still being around.

    I LOVE this bag. The shape is great; not too big, not too small. It fits snuggy under the arm, or looks good as a hand carried bag. And, it is now so in vogue, both red and patent are huge features for fall/winter. I have taken it to Fenway Park on several occasions. Not only is it red, but you can’t kill it, even if others spill beer on it and trample it.

    Python may not look good, and a bit cheesy, in the photo, but it is beautiful in real life. By posting Gerard Darel bags on this site, the sly and stylish Bag Snobs are indirectly forcing retailers to start carrying the bags!!! Let’s go Saks, Barneys and Neimans…