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Guhran 24k Necklace and Ring

I am Asian and Asian women love jewelry, especially in 24k gold. I used to find it quite unappealing when I was younger but I now adore deep golden hue of solid gold. I have a box full of 24k gold jewelry from my grandmother that I never appreciated until now and I finally understand why she used to turn her nose up at anything less than pure gold. Once you wear a proper piece of gold as Cleopatra once did, 14k and 18k will feel utterly inferior. Guhran offers a plethora of hand-hammered 24k gold pieces, most are set with diamonds and stones such as the teardrop-shaped Australian opals in the necklace above. The chain is adjustable from 16″ to 18″ long chain. Gurhan Butterfly Chain Necklace $1,600 at Saks.

The hand-hammered ring is a gorgeous complement to the necklace, made of a spiral of 24k yellow gold and accented on either end with a sparkling brilliant-cut diamond. All pieces are individually numbered by the artist. .08tw in diamonds, $900. Gurhan 24k Gold & Diamond Ring at Saks.



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  1. I love the look of 24K but not for rings. I think it’s too soft. I see people do crazy damage to 14K and 18K rings…thing that I wouldn’t think are possible without running the rings over with a car. For someone who really takes care of her stuff, 24K might work for a ring, but even a careful person can bang against something at just the right angle.

  2. Here, here! I’m Asian too and totally understand your 24 kt gold logic. Though I am only 19, I always was told that nothing but 24 or 21 kt was gold, 14 and 18 kt were all just metal and useless. I totally love the 24kt gold pieces I have, either given to me by my mom or grandma. I wear the wedding bangles, though I’m not married, all stacked up and it looks so cool and chic.

  3. I’m asian too, I was the same way. I would think 24k had a fake plated look to it since it was so yellow. But now I find 24k to be an exotic, rare gold look and the color is just gorgeous. I do agree with Wendy that on thinner rings, it can become a problem. My sister had a tiny ring and it got squashed somehow.

    I’m also noticing that some Asian jewelry shops are now carrying 18k gold that has the color and feel of 24k. Perhaps that is a viable “best of both worlds” solution. I was just hesitant in purchasing because I was afraid the 24k tone would turn dull over time.

    Love the blog btw. Take care

  4. I like 24K too (and I love the pieces you’ve chosen) – there is indeed something very Cleopatra or Byzantine queen about it. It is probably best in necklaces and earrings, as they are safer from wear and tear – I think I would be too rough on a 24K ring.