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Her Glossiness

I’m totally not a lipstick person. I’ll pick gloss any day of the week. In fact, I’m sort of a lip gloss addict. When I saw this new Benefit, Her Glossiness Set I snatched it up right away! Its three different double ended lip glosses in fun light shades that are perfect for fall! They’ve taken the light pinks and purples of the summer and made them darker and richer and totally fall-appropriate! They’ve got a hint of shimmer in them but they’re still subtle. I’m always wary about double ended lip glosses because the one’s I’ve experimented with have almost always leaked. I’m being very careful with them and no leaks so far! $26 at Benefit Cosmetics Her Glossiness Set


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  1. thanks to, I recieved this set before its release – and these glosses don’t leak, they’re portable, and to top it all off, they’re moisturizing and last all day. You can even mix and layer the glosses like I do for your own, personalized shade. its a really fun set – EVERYONE needs it.

  2. I am not really a lipstick person either. I love gloss. I have been using MAC for some time. I tried Benefit over the weekend and I am totally hooked. What I like most is the smell. I could care less about the tube or the packaging but if it smells on my lips then it goes in the trash.