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Kinerase Ultimate Day and Night Moisturizers


There are endless products out there created by dermatologists. And then there is Kinerase. It was developed by a research-based pharmaceutical company and in its inception was used by dermatologists to treat patients who had undergone treatment. Its key ingredient is kinetin, a growth hormone found in a little blue flower, the anemone flower. Kinetin is gentle yet is effective in fighting signs of aging and sun damage. Celebrities are all over this line and I just had to see what the hype was all about. I used the Ultimate Day Moisturizer as well as the Ultimate Night Moisturizer. Both of these are intense and heavy creams. I love the Night Moisturizer because it leaves my skin super moist and hydrated even in the morning. I almost don’t need to moisturize again because I am so dewy but of course I wash my face in the morning so it all comes off but it is heavy enough to last all night and then some. It goes on very smoothly, my skin just sucks it right up. It has no perfumes which is so important to me, sure there are some creams that smell good to me but I don’t see the need to add fragrance to them. I am happy to report that I don’t have wrinkles so I don’t know how well it fights wrinkles but we all know hydration is the key to prevention and this definitely does that very well. I thought the Day Moisturizer was a bit heavy for the day, maybe because it’s summer and I get very shiny as it is so this was way overkill for my skin. If I still lived on the east coast, this would be exactly what I needed for the harsh winters. So you girls out in the northeast, this is your salvation! The only thing I didn’t like about the Day Moisturizer is that it doesn’t come with SPF. For a line that is all about sun damage (they are even endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation), I would think that all their day creams come with at least SPF 15. My mornings are hectic and I just don’t need an extra step in my regiment so all my day moisturizers have to come with sunscreen. But overall, I really like this line. It is simple and straight forward and gets the job done. The Ultimate Day Moisturizer and Ultimate Night Moisturizer 2.8 oz are $125 each and available exclusively at Sephora.



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