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Kotur Ridged Clutch


The Ridged Clutch by Kotur is simple but beautiful, its art deco influenced design can provide an elegant accessory to a dramatic outfit or to a LBD. It’s something you can grab without having to think too much about it and know that you’ll look timelessly chic everytime. I love the vintage vibe of it, it looks like something from my grandmother’s closet circa 1920’s Shanghai! With all the gorgeously elaborate beaded cocktail dresses this season you need something simple like the Kotur ridged clutch to finish the look, not compete with it. $348 at

6 thoughts on “Kotur Ridged Clutch

  1. this is an elegant bag, thanks for sharing.

  2. This clutch, like the wooden one shown a few days ago, looks more like an interior design object.It would fit fine in a contemporary environment-maybe also in antique surroundings. As a bag I don´t like it .It looks too cold,not something I would want to tuck under my arm.

  3. This is pretty, modern and vintage-y at the same time. I love anything art deco!

  4. This is interesting. Why would you tuck it under your arm? You hold it in your hand, a fantastic accessory.

  5. Surely there are occasions when you need to have both of your hands free;cocktail parties,applauding etc.,etc.Those are moments when it is only natural to place the clutch under your arm.Agreed?

  6. Happiness is not about being immortal nor having food or rights inone’s hand. It’s about having each tiny wish come true, or havingsomething to eat when you are hungry or having someone’s love when youneed love.

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