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Michael Kors Knocks Off JPG


Left: Michael Kors Right: Jean Paul Gaultier

Michael, you should be ashamed of yourself. Our memories are better than you think, just because this belted bag from Jean Paul Gaultier was from last Fall doesn’t mean we wouldn’t know where you knocked it off from. This was such a memorable bag, too, because it was so ridiculously hideous! So that brings me to my next point, why the hell would you knock off something so stupid and lame? And a giant brass buckle? Gross, what were you thinking? The general shape of your bag is also very reminiscent of the Muse. Shame shame. I feel bad giving you crap because I just bought a bunch of amazing clothes from you (a tweed jacket that is beyond cute with my purple obsession!!). I love your clothes but you really need help with your bag line, maybe a younger designer and PLEASE no more monograms!! At Net a Porter for $1195.



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  1. hahaha…my exact thought when i saw the ad of Michael Kors bag some weeks back. i thought this kind of knock-off only happens to high streets. ooops.

  2. I actually don’t think the bag looks all that bad. Not my style, but I don’t find it ugly. However, I do wish he would drop the signature monogram stuff. There are some bags in those that would be really nice if done in plain leather.

  3. I’ve been lamenting about this fiasco for weeks. Isn’t it sad that someone on MK’s level could put his name on this? Does he think we are naive? Does he think a true bagista would dangle this from her arm? Many of his bags are “inspired” by others. From a Steve Madden or Nine West this is expected, but MK? I agree bag snob – he needs a new accessories team or he needs to take a break from bags.

    – Pamela