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Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater


Kelly is going to flip when she sees this bag, her favorite exotic skin in her favorite color du jour, purple! I can’t get enough of purple either and was not a lover of ostrich until I got the Sang A River tote, the ostrich has gotten softer with each use and I am now a big fan! It also makes me feel better that ostrich is widely farmed around the world and used for its meat as well. So it’s a by-product just like leather! And yes, I have eaten ostrich and it tastes like chicken. Where am I going with this? No idea but let’s get back to the Mulberry Bayswater, it has reached iconic status thanks to style maven Kate Moss who totes it in multiple hues and leathers. A good size at 13″ but not so big that it takes two of you to carry (and come on, do you think Kate the waif can carry anything too heavy?) plus it has hidden buckles at the side to expand the bag should you want to use it for travel or as diaper bag. The straps may be worn on shoulder or toted on arm. So multi-functional don’t you agree? This is probably my favorite version of the Bayswater bag, the rich purple color really shows off the beautifully textured ostrich skin.

Limited Edition Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater bag at NAP $3995




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  1. Fantastic, the best, lovely, color shape size, number one choice

    maybe for the year! Great bag . I want one. All I need is four thousand.

    hmmm. my birthday and xmas is coming up.

  2. Mulberry trademark was once only known in Germany,UK and Scandinavia at the time you Bagsnob girls were playing with Barbies.They were then my favorites cause there were no other bags I could get. They were expensive and well made and had this English country style charm.At some time the company was sold and the new owner wanted to expand worldwide.Out came different styles in bags and I think that the quality of the bags and the style sank.I still think so.I´m no longer buying Mulberry stuff.Generally the bags are very affordable but lack style.They are dull.I´ve seen so many versions of this bag you are now showing that I couldn´t be less interested.Sorry-I really miss the old Mulberry.

  3. Mette, you are a real downer! This is a beautiful bag, the color, the skin, the shape. Yes, it’s been done for a long time, but that is because it’s a great bag! I for one am glad of the changes, I find the older Mulberry styles to be frumpy and lack good taste. This is tasteful and stylish, love it!

  4. Nancy C; I´m really dissapointed that you have understood my comment SO wrong! When remembering the 80´s Mulberry bags,well I have to admit that they were real clumsy.But at that time they were concidered real stylish.Today everything has changed and IMO Mulberry brand can´t compete with the best bag manufacturers. They lack new ideas.One or two face-lift models won´t do the trick,not even if the bag in question is in ostrich or even croc.

  5. Wow! that color is stunning! I love Mulberry bags and actually think they are more stylish now than they were 20 years ago.

    And yes, I can see Posh sporting this although it’s more Kate Moss’ style.

  6. Just yesterday payed a visit for a long time to my local Mulberry´s, to be sure that what I have written is accurate. I checked everything and I saw nothing I liked. The bags were ugly and poorly made.There was simply nothing that would rise my eyebrows of delight.I guess the prices were reasonable,but then again you can buy bags looking alike much cheaper.Well,the place is checked out now .I hope they can keep their customers.