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Soap and Glory


Everyone knows how I feel about Boots products. (For all you newcomers, I LOVE them!) So when I was wandering around Target this weekend and came across the Soap and Glory line I wondered if I had enough love in my heart for another budget British cosmetic line. I’m going to be honest. I picked up The Righteous Butter because I loved the packaging, (I’m a sucker for a fun container) but I purchased it because I thought the smell was amazing. It’s a warm, soapy, almost floral scent that manages to retain its smell without being to perfumy. My skin has been really dry from the sudden change in weather and just one application of this body butter made it feel tremendously smooth and soft. I’m planning a trip back to Target very soon to try some of this great new line! $14.99 at


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  1. I just bought The Righteous Butter and Flake Away. I like the Flake Away scrub, but for some reason the smell of the body butter was too much for me and I had to wash it off to get the smell away. I’m probably crazy! I noticed they sell Boots at Target now, but I haven’t tried it yet!

  2. I LOVE Flake Away. I live in NYC and there are no Targets so whenever I go home to Philadelphia I will literally buy every one in stock. It’s amazing and CHEAP!