Snob Essentials

Wild Ginger Body Wash


I’m going to admit it. When I first received the bottle of Thymes Wild Ginger Body Wash I let it sit in my bathroom for a little before I used it. I’d never really been a fan of ginger flavored foods and somewhere in my mind I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t be crazy about beauty products either. The opposite turned out to be true. I loved it! It is one of the most refreshing scents I have ever smelled. It’s clean and crisp with just the smallest hint of vanilla. It woke me right up and kept me happy for the rest of the day. The wash’s ingredients include red clover and honey which work together to keep the skin from drying out. (Super important with the gross cold winter months coming!) It’s $19 at This is a new line that I haven’t heard a lot about and I can’t wait to try it all!


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