Celestina Cracked Mirror Clutch


This is for the serious collector who views bags as works of art and not merely accessories. Celestina is known for eclectic bags that may not fit in the daily scheme of life but has its place as a treasure to be used on special occasions. The cracked mirror clutch is so unique and stunning that it should be displayed when not used! It is not leather so won’t wear out with age, a quick polish once in a while and it will retain its splendor for years. It is lined in micro suede and has magnetic closure to keep the lines of the silver tiled clutch clean. I have a friend who is an Art broker, she would love this little jewel!

Celestina Cracked Mirror Clutch $1130 at Vivre.

5 thoughts on “Celestina Cracked Mirror Clutch

  1. it’s beautiful… such a work of art i will be afraid to carry it out!

  2. it looks gorgeous. not practical but gorgeous!

  3. so cute. i wonder if it could be used as a glasses case? if so, i want it for xmas!

  4. I´d place and put this in my interior design compartment. Nice to look.

  5. I am so happy to see some animal friendly designs. This is beautiful!!!! Hope that you start sharing more!

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