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Fraiche Soaps and Bath Swizzles


soap_04.jpgI am a bath girl. Before giving birth I took luxuriously long baths daily, my tub was surrounded by candles, magazines and my favorite books. Flash to 2007, my toddler has taken over my bathtub or as he calls it “the swimming tub” which is now covered in plastic bath toys. When I discovered Fraiche, I thought the all natural hand made soaps and bath swizzles would make great stocking stuffers for my girlfriends. I didn’t even contemplate trying them for myself at first because I have not had time for a bath in months! When I received my box however, the scent of honeysuckle and gardenia (my favorite!) tempted me and when I read all the ingredients were organic and molded by hand, I knew I had to take an hour off from my life to indulge. I put my son to bed a bit earlier than usual (he actually needed it as he did not nap, so don’t feel sorry for him!) and told my husband I was not going out as planned. I needed a break from our busy social calendar and what better way than a nice bath?!?!?soap_06.jpg

I grabbed a stack of magazines so I could catch up on reading but the minute I sat in the Honeysuckle infused bath I was lost. You know that super corny Calgon commercial from the ’80s when that stressed out woman would beg to be taken away? Well, that’s how I felt. I felt miles from blogging, potty training, black tie social functions and all the things I do on daily basis to keep my world spinning. I closed my eyes and did not open them until the bathwater got cold. When I got out, my skin was soft and silken from the organic oils (Goat’s Milk, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Unrefined Virgin Shea Butter). I have decided to keep all the bath swizzles and soaps for myself, sorry girls- this stash is mine, I’ll order more for you when Christmas rolls around but don’t blame me if I keep that as well 🙂 Did I mention my bathroom was deliciously scented for the rest of the night? What could be more romantic than a room scented like the shores of Hawaii?

Fraiche is sold at Stanley Korshak and a host of Spas. Or do like I plan to and buy directly from the Fraiche website. Bath swizzles- $17.50 for pack of three. $12.50 for hand molded soaps.



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  1. My goodness you have a way with words Tina. I will be checking this out at Korshak this week. So the swizzles are your favorite?

  2. These soaps are the best! I’v never felt so soft after getting out of the bath. My skin is soo clean and soft its never felt better.