Jas MB Cracked Leather Tote


This is a way respectable and chic bag for our Cheap Thrills. I love this for being right on the money of trends without knocking off other designs. I’m sure someone will come up with bags that this is “knocking off” (I can even think of a few myself). I mean, there is no copyright on the zipper, everyone is allowed to use zippers and yes asymmetrically placed zippers can be traced to other designers but I still think this bag has it’s own voice. The ivory cracked leather is edgy and with the recklessly placed zippers really makes this bag fun and young but still sophisticated. If you have a cool job, this would be a great work bag, if you are the cool kid on campus, this is off the hook as a school bag, (it comes with a removable canvas shoulder strap), it is pretty big, 16.5″ x 12.5″ so a compact laptop would definitely fit in there nicely. The top zipper is how you get to the inside, which is a little difficult while using the handles but with the shoulder strap, it wasn’t a problem for me. At Net a Porter for $525.

4 thoughts on “Jas MB Cracked Leather Tote

  1. I wish the handles were slightly longer as this is slightly big for a handheld

  2. Awesome. I’ve been in love with Jas M.B. bags for years now.

  3. Yes ,this bag truly looks cracked. Are you sure the zipper will last all the nopening and closing?

  4. I ordered it from NAP on Saturday evening and received it today..:-) I love it :-)

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