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The Future of Make Up


I loved the Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovavich, my favorite scene was when Milla pressed her eyelids against a Chanel compact and presto, perfect eye make up in a second! I remember thinking that would be the perfect invention and hoping that I’d still be alive to see it and it seems like the future is now! I got a set of this to test you for you beauties and though it is not something I would recommend using daily (nor in daylight at work), for special occasions or girls’ night out it’d be fun to use, especially for Beauty Snobs in training who have yet mastered the art of the eyeshadow brush or for those nights when you only have 2 minutes to get ready!

Color on is a single use applicator with long wearing mineral pigments, the texture resembles cream shadows, you literally press it on and go! The pigmentation is a little thick so you should use your fingers to blend it all in before applying the supplied powder to set it. Some of the colors are kind of garish (orange or zebra stripes anyone?) but the browns (Ibiza pictured above) and grays (noche pictured below) are quite nice. Not that this should replace professional make up done by a make up artist for important occasions such as weddings etc but it is a fun alternative when you want to go out and are pressed for time or have no idea how to do your own make up. And again, I would not use this during the daylight or to work as it is quite heavy. $16 for a pack of 5 at Color On Pro- Instant make up website.




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  1. where do you get these from they look ace, i can never do the smoky eye look, and these would be great for that. could you please let me know here to get them from