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YSL: The Sexy Scent of Elle

ELLE-eau-de-parfum-natural-spray-b.jpgI am YSL obsessed, from vintage smoking jackets to this season’s must have belted dress (not to mention the fab line of YSL bags), I am a YSL girl through and through. So when the house of Yves St. Laurent launched a new fragrance, I was first to jump on board to try it even though I am not one to seek new scents (I am a die hard Creed Millesime girl, it’s all I have used for years and though I like buying perfume, most just sit on my counter as decoration!).

The first day I got my YSL Elle set I put the Eau de parfum on my wrists and neck, just to test out how it will wear on me. At first it was a bit strong but immediately settled into my skin. An aggressive nose with a heady floral scent (Peony – Pink Berries – Patchouli) combined with a slightly mysterious woody flavor, I was a bit overwhelmed. But as the hours wore on, it became warm and sensual, lasting almost the entire night. This is one sexy scent!

I gave the Shower gel to our Tot Snob Editor, Jori, and she reported that it was way to Gardenia-ish (but I love Gardenia!) so this is not for the girl who is afraid of smelling like a fragrant garden. The lotion fared quite well on me, almost like the perfume but a bit less aggressive. Overall, I like the new Elle scent from YSL, especially for our young and hip Beauty Snobs who not only want to be seen in the latest purple YSL Downtown bag, but also smell like the chic YSL girls in the ads. My advice is to use the lotion on a daily basis and save the perfume for evening or use use sparingly as a little goes a long way (I layered the lotion under the perfume this weekend and it lasted almost 12 hours- so you can go from work to play smelling fabulous!!) Definitely worthy of a try…. or would make great Christmas presents! The urban sleek bottles in sensuous violet hued glass are irresistible but it is the complicated notes of woody floral that will keep you coming back for more. Parfum $78 – $109, Lotion $45, Shower gel $40 at




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  1. dear beauty snob,

    i love your website and i love reading your blogs. im obsessed with my hair right now and i was wondering if you have any suggestions with the current or latest hairstyles.

    thank you.


    Dear FA. you are in a for a treat tomorrow morning. I will be featuring the top hair stylist in the world!! Orlando Pita… stay tuned! xo Beauty Snob