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Zina Eva Bags: NOT Worthy


We weren’t going to do an editorial on this bag line but have received over a dozen crazy harassment emails from the PR girl representing them so we decided to put it out there so you can stay clear of this line of horribly made and very cheap bags. Kelly first received an email two months ago from Zina Eva’s rep asking to participate in our monthly bag giveaway but after receiving the samples this weekend we decided the bags were not up to Bag Snob par and we couldn’t possibly endorse it let alone give it to our readers. (a bag that looks cute and adorable in photos sometimes doesn’t translate as well in person) So why didn’t we like the bags? First of all, they smelled heavily of plastic and looked and felt like plastic (fake embossed snakeskin is the one they sent), the handles were also very flimsy and felt like plastic too. Seriously, you could get better bags at Target for $39.99. (Bag Snob note: they maintain their bags are made of leather but they smell and feel like plastic to us)

We promptly contacted them and told them we’d return the bags and will not be able to include them in our monthly giveaway but the PR girl turned nasty and started sending us harassment emails with racist overtones. Let’s see, she accused us of using fake last names because our names are English/European yet we don’t look European (Basically non-white people are not allowed to have European surnames according to this genius PR girl) and then she accused us of trying to scam them of $150 (wholesale price) bags?!?!??! How is it a scam if we didn’t want to keep the hideous bags for our giveaway?

The false accusations are actually funny considering we buy Hermes birkins for a hobby and give away $2,000 bags on a regular basis (from real bag designers like Anya Hindmarch, Jimmy Choo, Devi Kroell, Sang A, Smythson, etc who have all been very pleased with our level of professionalism). Anyway, I actually feel sorry for Zina Eva as she has the worst PR firm on earth working for her. But not sorry enough to compromise the standards we have for ourselves and our readers so the bags are packed up and being shipped out tomorrow morning. I am also worried that if you, as a consumer, were to ever complain about a Zina Eva bag, would they harass you with a dozen of hate emails full of crazy racist remarks and general derogatory comments about your character JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T LIKE THE BAG?

Kelly and I often receive flak for our honest reviews but it is why our readers trust us. British Vogue, London Daily Mail and other esteemed publications have written about the power of an endorsement from Bag Snob and that is not something we take lightly. So even if a second rate PR firm calls us a “Lowly Blog” and that blogs are useless (then why did they contact us to be featured in our sweepstakes and offer us the bags to give away? We never heard of Zina Eva prior to that email!) we will continue to do what we do best. Which is honest reviews of the ultimate accessory, The Handbag.



  1. i have seen this line of bags before and thought the exact same thing! that they looked cheap and like plastic.

  2. Are you serious? What kind of PR firm would do that? I am guessing she will lose her client pretty soon.

  3. Amazing that a PR person would say such things and then diss a weblog to boot. I get PR emails all the time, and all of them really respect my jewelry blog and what I do there. They “get” the power of the blog. This rep must be out of her mind. She will probably out of work soon as well. Time for a career change honey!

  4. Any publicity is good publicity–

    Unless you’re relating to the public via fourth-rate firm.

    I’d ask how people like this get work, but Marky Marc Jacobs makes millions off chunky-soled shoes.



  5. ugh some people can be such crazy beeyatches… it’s like, you wonder how on earth ignorant people like them can exist! thank you for keeping your integrity. you guys are on the fast track to becoming the next anna wintour on handbags!

  6. Ewww I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these fugly bags. And that PR girl acted atrociously to boot! This is why we trust our beloved Bag Snobs, you are never afraid to blog candidly.

  7. Wow! That is amazing. I might understand the designer flipping out, but the PR firm? They are usually so professional. At least in my experience. I am so sorry you gals went through this, but am so glad you told/tell it like it is. PVC bags are the worst anyway. I get nauseous jut thinking of the smell.

    Oh and I disagree, not all publicity is good publicity. Sorry.

    Hopefully this line will drop their PR firm if they want to maintain a business. I’d sue.

  8. wow. I cannot believe people sometimes. Kudos to you for telling the un-biased truth. I am so glad you wrote this post instead of just letting them get away with it.

  9. Thank you, dear Bagsnobs for not compromising your site with those abominable bags and for sharing this crazy experience with us. I read this blog daily and participate in all the giveaways; and I am very glad those bags will not be included in anything Bagsnob-related (btw, those Jaldas you are giving away for November are too cute!).

    Keep up the fab work, ladies!

  10. Good job! You were perfect, and reacted and behaved very well

    with aplomb and whether the bags are good or not, you did what

    we expect you to do.

    That the PR person was so out of line is their problem, not yours, not ours.

    Keep on doing what you do. I enjoy it so much.

  11. How ridiculous. And when you decline to feature the bag, the PR girl turns to racist comments!? How professional. Good for you for taking a stand.

  12. Waow ! what a sore loser that PR person is.

    What the heck, Bag Snob is the best, I never got honest, reliable and informative advices on handbags anywhere else.

    The best part, the Bag Snobs (Tina & Kelly)taste are 2 thumbs up and 99.99% matches my taste too.

    So I say

    “Boooo, Zina Eva for having such a PR!”


    “Yeahhhh, way to go Bag Snob!”

  13. Thank You!!! I depend on your honest opinions in picking my bags for the season, and I check this blog on a daily basis. DONT CHANGE!!!! I love this SITE!!!!

  14. I am so sorry that happened to you. And the comments that the PR girl left you really disgust me, as if your last names have anything to do with the bad qualities of the bag!

  15. I’m shocked at the unprofessionalism and sheer racism of that PR firm. That girl should be fired immediately. You guys are the BEST blog out there on bags (and my favorite blog too!). I always look forward to your daily comments, and I trust your judgment immensely. We are all proud of your work.

  16. Madam, I’m sure you don’t need this advice, but just in case…Please be sure you return the bags using a carrier that allows you to track the shipment and confirm receipt of the parcel. If they’re that unprofessional in the PR department, I’d hate to think what their shipping department is like.


  17. It sounds to me as if the designer either wrote the PR emails herself or asked a friend to write them. A real PR firm wouldn’t react like that unless the rep in question is literally insane.

  18. Bag Snobs,

    First of all I would like to say I am deeply and truly sorry that someone would say such hateful and racist things to you. In no way, shape or form do you deserve to be treated in such a hurtful and terrible manner.

    Not only do you have the right as a person not to like the item, but you have a responsibility as a professional to give your honest opinion to your dedicated readers, who by the looks of it are very loyal to you.

    Keep up the good work and stay strong. No matter who you are or what you do no one has the right to attack your character, race or ethnicity.

  19. totally support you for taking a stand 🙂

    these people (obviously not savvy business people) should be apologizing to you gals instead of hate mailing you

    obviously none of us will ever buy stuff from that company

    too bad, their loss

  20. Bravo ladies… I’m sure I speak for many of use in saying that this blog not only acts as my most valued assistant in my purchase choices, but that I trusted you from day one, and have yet to be disappointed. This is stating a lot, considering the state of the service industry in the U.S. Be it the PR firm, or the designer, who sent the mail, they have forgotten one, critical thing. They are there to seduce us, not turn us off. Once a woman is turned off, it’s all over!

  21. This was terrible to read about. Do NOT compromise yourselves and your reviews over people like this. I check on this blog everyday to read about the new bag you’re reviewing and though I may not agree with you 100% of the time I do value your opinion and take it into consideration. Your reviews have led me to some great buys and introduced us all to designers we might not have otherwise heard of. Keep up the great work ladies.

  22. What a pity for that Eva bag! What a way to promote a business!!! That’s not the way to do a business poor Eva!!! You’ll never make it in this world of business that way!

  23. Ugh, that PR girl should get fired over this. There’s just no excuse for her disgusting behavior.

    I’m sorry you had to go through this, but I think it’s great that you stuck to your guns and did the right thing 🙂

  24. Girls,

    I am so proud of you, there is nothing lowly about you or your fabulous blog.

    My friends and I buy bags for sport as well and we never make a purchase without consulting The Bag Snob!

    Now that the PR girl has been properly disposed of, on to more important things. I am considering my next bag purchase… Hermes, Chanel or Bottega? Please advise! I want something that will last through spring.. I know all three of those will last for years but I also want it to be fresh and current.

    Or should I go for YSL?

    Love to you both, keep your chin up-

  25. Bravo for T&K!!!!

    I absolutely adore how you guys stay so honest and true all the time.

    This is one of the reasons why I stay on this site!!

    Your honesty and eye for goodies is something that I highly value and I regret the way that nasty girl has treated you!! Her ‘low blows’ was tacky and uncalled for, and it only exposed how unprofessional she really is. I hope she reads this article and thinks AGAIN [cause I doubt she was thinking the first time] of how to deal with a problem PROFESSIONALLY and NOT childishly!

  26. Tina, I am so sorry you had to endure this kind of harassment. This Zina Eva and her PR firm should be black listed from all publications.

  27. I have several Zena Eva bags. I think the quality and customer service is above and beyond. Every bag I have worn has received dozens of compliments. I have been in the fashion industry for several years now and I think In Style Magazine would agree considering they just featured “bella”, a bag I own in two colors, in there last issue. Please don’t judge a great line on a bad PR person.

  28. Just got back from Accessory Show in NY. I did visit and made a purchase at Zina Eva. I did notice that the rep was talking to customers and SPELLING their bags saying that this is real leather, etc. Now after reading your blog, disclosing their poor craftman ship, etc. I will receive the bag in about a month and let you know what I think of it. I will also check with you blog before purchasing. As my friend and I are planning to add handbags and other accessories to my exisiting site.


  29. I actually purchased a bag to try at the Stylemax show. The rep was very pleasant and helpful. The clutch is gorgeous and I get tons of compliments on it. The black kid leather is like butter and the wood handle gives it that extra interest!. The bags I saw at Stylemax were of high quality.I dont know about the newer ones. I bought this one last year.

  30. You do realise how much publicity you’ve given them as there are now some 39 comments. Having been a fashion editor for ten years now, for some of the best, including Vogue, this is certainly not the last altercation you can expect to have with a crazy publicist. I’ve dealt with ones who badmouthed me to each other but sent me the email instead, I’ve had ones send parcels for market layouts to other publications then harass my staff for returns, I’ve had ones call me the ‘c’ word when I declined to feature their products (yes, in writing) and had their managing directors then side with their staffers. I’ve even had a designer recall a dress she made for me then refuse to return my money and follow it up with a series of increasingly abusive emails. Welcome to the world of fashion. As with any other business, there are crazy people. The best publicity for them is no publicity. At least that’s how I’ve handled it at Vogue and other places.

  31. Thanks for the input Anonymous. You’re right, we should remove this from our site but at the same time, we feel people should be warned of this!

    You don’t know how many emails I’ve received from shop owners who told me they did not place an order after reading this.

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