Burberry Heather Travel Tote


It is totally shocking that I would like a Burberry bag! They have really made an effort to design their bags as bags rather than a lame interpretation of their clothes, which is as imaginative as Uggs pawning off their boots as bags by putting a strap on it. It’s not that I am not a fan of Burberry in general, they have great basics, but I lived in Boston and apparently no trench coats other than Burberry are sold in that city. I went to an event and seriously every single person, man and woman, walked in with a Burberry coat. I was like, what the hell? Did a Burberry delivery truck turn over and dump their entire shipment outside? This travel bag is devoid of all tartan and actually has current stylish details. It is brilliant to have a travel bag in canvas to lighten the load – the metallic finish makes the bag of the moment especially with the dark leather trim and handles to contrast. The loose pleat makes the shape super cute and extra roomy inside. It has a magnetic closure which is really smart for a travel bag. Of course this will be a carry on if you’re flying but traveling requires easy access to so many things that usually zippers remain unzipped, which totally defeats the idea that having a zipper closure is safest when traveling. I do realize that this is very similar to the Pauric Sweeney but for the price and the fact that this is made of canvas (light and painless when destroyed) I actually prefer this. I mean, who needs the hassle of being all precious with a travel bag? $795 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Free shipping with any order with code “HOLIDAY7″ (I’ve been taking advantage of all the free shipping and finished all my Christmas shopping without once entering a mall. OK, I had to go to Best Buy. Those annoying men are so hard to shop for!).

7 thoughts on “Burberry Heather Travel Tote

  1. Burberry has such cute bags now! I’m so over the plaid unless it’s a scarf.

  2. i am so glad you chose to write about this bag. i saw it on the saks website last week and thought it was fab. now i have the approval to go purchase! thanks!

  3. this hand bag, essence of perfection

  4. this bag is so beautiful.

    kooba makes similar bags with the same the same detailing… a similar shape and original detailing….

  5. I have never heard of an Ugg purse! wow, I would like to see that, sounds like it would be very interesting looking, like does it have fur on the inside or something? Hmmm…very interesting…

  6. p l s send picture

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