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Carlos Falchi Python Trapezoid Clutch


I was at Saks today, running around like an insane person trying to finish up Christmas shopping when I saw a gorgeous python clutch. I had a gazillion things to do on my list so I continued my mission but still could not get it out of my head an hour later so I went back to the handbag department (which for some odd reason I always gravitate towards no matter what store I am at!) to investigate further. The very pushy and annoying salesperson (trying to make her quota for the holiday bonus so I don’t blame her) kept trying to direct me to hideous Fendi and Louis Vuitton bags (BARF) but I managed to get away from her to the lovely exotic bag that had caught my eye. It was absolutely delicious, pale shimmering python with subtle shots of gold through it that felt velvety soft and not cracked or dry like most python scales. I had a feeling it was Carlos Falchi but wanted to make sure I was correct yet could not find a logo anywhere on the bag to confirm, which made me want the bag even more! I’m all about reverse snobbery; I am not a label whore and love carrying luxuriously subtle bags that are hard to place, like the Carlos Falchi clutch above (not bragging but I was right!). No hideous GGs or LVs emblazoned on the bag, just a gorgeous delectable python skin in a simply chic style. The price is also very chic and cheap, $795 for Carlos Falchi Python Trapezoid Clutch.



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  1. I just checked this out at Saks last Wednesday. I liked it, but the python scales looked and felt a bit peely. I need a gold clutch but I’m not sure if this is the one. The price isn’t too bad for python and it is really basic and timeless. It would get a lot of use.